Guarded Hearts: Eliza Renton

Eliza Renton writes romantic suspense. Happy to spend her days surrounded by her garden, she spends her days writing, knitting, and drinking cups of tea. Love takes courage and she considers stories of alpha protectors and the women who love them worth telling.

Tell me about your characters in your story, Rush.
Mia is a photographer not a P.I. but she is will stop at nothing to bring a ruthless drug dealer to justice. After all he put her bestie in a coma. Too bad he’s just found out who she is.
Havoc hates being undercover. Prefers in your face confrontation, killing bad guys, not watching them drink champagne with beautiful redheads.
The pair collide when people start shooting. Stuck in an elevator together, the attraction between Mia and Havoc sizzles.
Havoc hates being undercover. His skills belong in the field, killing bad guys, not watching them drink champagne with beautiful redheads.
Too bad the bad guys didn’t count on Havoc and the lengths he will go to protect Mia.

What was the inspiration for the story?
Rush is the prequel to Sentinel Security New York. The spin-off series from Sentinel Security London. Plus, I’ve always been terrified of being stuck in an elevator and always hoped a man like Havoc would be there to keep me company. 😊

What is your favourite place to write?
In my home office, surrounded by an eclectic mix of stuff that makes me happy, photos, souvenirs and lots and lots of books. Wouldn’t sit down at my desk without headphones, music and my favourite mug filled with coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. An occasional wine when deadlines loom and the clock ticks faster.

What can’t you resist buying?
Always searching for the perfect pen. Wool, because I love to knit while watching my favourite t.v. shows.

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