The Heart of a Bluestocking: Release Day

*wild screams* I wrote a book and it has been released into the world! People can read it – providing they have access to the internet and an e-reader of some type. (The important discussion on privilege and literacy can wait for another day).


Since my debut novel, To Charm a Bluestocking, was published in March 2017, I have continued to write, and this week, I will complete my tenth novel!

My third novel (and the fourth one I wrote) was released into the world this week. The Heart of a Bluestocking is the third book in my Bluestocking series and can be read as a stand alone book (ie you don’t have to read the first two because there is no series arc – just three friends who go to university together and get their own Happy-Ever-After).

Read this lovely review to see what someone thought of it.  Also, you can follow me on BookBub via this review.

When an uncommon lawyer meets an unusual doctor, their story must be extraordinary…

September 1888:
Dr Claire Carlingford owns the bluestocking label. Her tycoon father encouraged her to study, and with the support of her two best friends, she took it further than anyone could imagine, graduating as a doctor and running her own medical practice. But it’s not enough for her father. He wants her to take over the business, so he can retire. Then his sudden arrest throws the family into chaos and his business into peril.

Mr James Ravi Howick, second son of Lord Dalhinge, wants to use his position as a lawyer to improve conditions for his mother’s family in India. When an opportunity arises to work for Carlingford Enterprises, one of the richest companies in the world, Ravi leaps at the chance to open his own legal practise. But his employment becomes personal as he spends more time with Claire and she learns the secret that could destroy his family.

Both Ravi and Claire are used to being outsiders and alone. But as they work together to save their respective families from disaster, it becomes clear that these two misfits might just fit together perfectly.

Ten books – it is a little surreal and I do have to count them to make sure.

Bluestockings: Four books. Three published, plus a Christmas story coming to you either this Dec/Jan or next.
Merindah Park: Three books written, one more to finish the series. Coming to you from April 2019 thanks to Escape (Harlequin Australia)
Kapow: Two books (on submission with Harlequin Dare)
Betrayed: The first in a series to be published once I’ve written the next one in the series.

Writing is a strange way to spend your time. Someone (I forget who, maybe KJ Charles) said “I tell lies for a living.” From that perspective, it’s a bit like being a politician, except the aim with fiction is to make people happy. I hope you all enjoy reading The Heart of a Bluestocking. I’ll be watching my kids play cricket in a park, under a tree with the sun on my back, and my fingers on my laptop, writing more happiness for everyone.

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