Be Mine: Emma Lea

The Be Mine: Valentine Novellas to Warm The Heart is a collection of romance novellas for Valentine’s Day. Starting with low heat, and rising to steamy!
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Emma Lea is a business owner, artist, cook, mother and wife who lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She loves to write stories with heart and a message and believe in strong female characters who do not necessarily have to be aggressive to show their strength.

What was the inspiration for my story?

My story is ‘Unbreak My Heart’ and was inspired by two songs. 1. Almost Easy by Ward Thomas and 2. Die From A Broken Heart by Maddie & Tae. These two songs broke my heart and I really wanted to write a story about finding your way back to someone after a break up. I have a whole Apple Music playlist with all the songs I listened to while writing the story.

How many books have you published? Which main character would be the most embarrassed to get a public Valentine’s gift, and why?

I have 40 books published. The main character most likely to be embarrassed by a PDA would be Margaret from my Young Royals series (A Royal Enticement: A Sweet Royal Romance (The Young Royals Book 7)). Margaret is one of the queen’s ladies in waiting but she is a total introvert. She hates being the centre of attention and is quite happy (mostly) just to fade into the background. A public Valentine’s gift would totally freak her out.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s gift?
My husband and I met on Valentine’s Day 30 years ago this year…that makes me sound so old! We actually don’t buy gifts for each other, but my ideal Valentine’s Day would be a couple of hours at a spa and then a night at the movies or theatre with dinner. For me it’s all about spending time together (and facials…I love me a good facial)

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