2020 Reading Statistics

In 2020, according to my Goodreads profile, I read 103 fiction books by 77 different authors, plus there were a few that I DNF’d (did not finish) that I didn’t add to my Goodreads list. Three of the books I read in 2020 were not romance. I don’t keep track of the non-fiction I read on Goodreads.

Of those 77 authors, my most read authors for the year were:
Jackie Lau (8 books)
Alexis Hall (4 books)
Anna Zabo (3 books)
Chelsea M Cameron (3 books)

I read two books by 12 different authors, and the other 61 authors I read one book per author.

Diversifying my reading

Race of Author – Books read in 2020
Books by Authors of Colour – 56 (54%)
Books by White Authors – 41
Anthologies with a mix of authors – 4
Author with unknown race – 2 books

Romance “Pairing”
fm pairings – 56 books (54%)
ff – 22 (21%)
mm – 15
fm or ff with trans characters – 3
ffm – 2
mmf – 1
The remainder were anthologies with a mix of pairings or the three thrillers I read that weren’t romance. Books with bisexual characters are noted by the romance ‘pairing’ (there must be a better word than that which is more inclusive of other groupings).

In total, only 12 of the fm paired books I read were written by white authors (21%). However, 28 of the 44 queer books (64%) I read were by white authors.

I’ve added my favourites to my Recommended page.

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